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Gastroenterology billing services you can trust

Reliably outsourced billing services for your Gastroenterology Practice

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What Gastroenterologists like you are saying

“With MedEvolve, I have total transparency into every dollar in my revenue cycle. My providers look forward to our monthly meetings when we review the reports I pull from MedEvolve Power Analytics. I even use it to recruit new physicians.”
Todd Greer
CEO, Premier Gastroenterology Associates
"I would rather not spend my time managing billing and coding staff knowing the administrative burden that comes with it. I want to be discovering the next opportunity for ancillary revenue, so the practice can bring in more income. Our partnership with MedEvolve has afforded me that.”
Grey Williams
CFO, Premier Gastroenterology Associates

Benefits of MedEvolve's Medical Billing Services for Gastroenterology:

Gastroenterology medical billing services you can count on

Common problems with Gastroenterology medical billing

  • Challenges finding and retaining quality RCM staff
  • High staff turnover and limited resources cause reimbursement delays
  • Lack of transparency into billing staff performance, productivity and effectiveness
  • Difficult to get the answers you need from data-ming and manual reports
  • Staff continues to touch exhausted claims with non-actionable activities

MedEvolve's Billing Solution Designed For Gastroenterologists

  • We take care of the staffing and recruiting, plus we can scale our services based on your needs
  • Leave the billing staff HR headaches to us
  • Complete transparency into MedEvolve RCM Team’s production and productivity
  • Real time access to advanced analytics tools that you can access as much or as little as you like
  • Proprietary workflow automation solutions ensure actions are taken to achieve the most return

Work with the top Gastroenterology Billing, Collections & Practice Management Partner

If you are looking to outsource all or part of your billing and collections process, we can help improve your financial performance:

  • Improved collections and income
  • Accelerated payments and reduced stress
  • 24/7 accessibility to your patient data and financial information
  • Know where your money is – transparency throughout the revenue cycle
  • Full financial and practice management reporting
  • The security and comfort of knowing billing is being handled by professionals & reimbursements and income will go

Our Secret Weapons: Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Through our decades of experience providing billing and collection services to physician practices, we have found that traditional workflows, methods and strategies no longer work.
This is why we developed AI-driven RCM Workflow Automation and analytics software and services which provide total transparency into your practice’s financial and operational performance. By automating the insurance claims process you eliminate human error and ensure claims are submitted right the first time to avoid reimbursement and payment delays.

Common questions about Gastroenterology Billing Services

Shifting the burden of medical billing/RCM to a third party may allow your gastroenterology practice to put greater focus on patient care rather than executing administrative functions. This could translate into freedom to see more patients or generate additional revenue streams.

In-house billing comes with burdens such as finding and retaining quality staff, overhead costs, regulatory and compliance issues (to name a few). Many times practice realize significant cost savings by outsourcing to a third party like MedEvolve.

Finally, MedEvolve RCM Services comes with unmatched automation, total transparency and accountability for your revenue cycle. Let’s have a conversation and see how we can customize a solution for you whether you choose to outsource or keep billing in-house.

The cost savings an gastroenterology practice can expect varies depending on previous expenditure on billing services (whether it was handled in-house or outsourced), patient volumes and other factors.

Unlike many billing service companies, we pride ourselves on being 100% US–based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Additionally our proprietary workflow automation and analytics solutions give you unmatched transparency and accountability.

We’ve helped many gastro physician groups reduce their cost to collect. We only need a few data points to be able to provide a quote, so please contact us and let’s talk.

MedEvolve RCM Services provides comprehensive medical billing and collections for all gastroenterology procedures and diagnostics. Please contact us so we can customize a solution that works for you.

No, we believe the physicians should have the best EHR to treat patients, and the administrative team should have the best practice and revenue cycle management technology to process claims and get paid quickly, efficiently and accurately.

MedEvolve’s Practice Management (and medical billing) software can integrate with any EMR  or EHR with an HL7 interface.


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