Change is Critical to Your Practice’s Survival

Learn how to resolve your top challenges quickly and efficiently.

Do More with Less.

Bad habits are hard to change and can have the most negative impact on a practice. They also go hand in hand with people and manual processes.

Automating and streamlining revenue cycle workflows and patient outreach can help eliminate staffing challenges, positively impact revenue and improve staff productivity.

To compete, specialty practices must find new ways to:

  • Eliminate redundant and unnecessary tasks
  • Uncover areas of revenue opportunity quickly
  • Ensure the right claims are being worked in the right order
  • Mitigate risks associated with staff turnover

“Just because it has always been done that way, doesn’t mean it’s the right way.”

“MedEvolve’s flexible platform helped us to completely redesign our revenue cycle processes around our real-life challenges and their team continues to add value each month we work together. We’re no longer struggling to keep up with evolving payer trends and finally have full transparency into our cash flow, patient payments, productivity, A/R and more – it’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that.”
Dr. William Todd Smith
Starkville Orthopedic Clinic in Starkville, MS.

Resolve Your Practice’s Top Challenges

Reduce Staff Turnover

Consider outsourcing part of your revenue cycle to reduce staffing issues and gain the freedom to adjust based on seasonal fluctuations.

Build a Strong Denials Defense

Prevent denials up front by checking eligibility, estimating out of pocket cots, and collecting patient payments up front.

Decrease No Shows

Engage your patients with automated text messages prior to their appointment to help keep your schedule full.


Make the right revenue cycle decisions for a transformative environment.