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Patient Engagement Solutions

Collect money owed to you from patients and prevent no shows while maintaining a positive patient experience.

Patient Cost Estimator helps you collect from your patients prior to service, which prevents collection issues on the back end.

Minimize bad debt by providing accurate, timely cost estimates in advance of service based on benefit coverage, physician treatment plans and established payment terms. Facilitating patient financial education leads to a better patient experience and the ability to secure payment up front.

  • Easily generate accurate patient cost estimates
  • Collect all or part of the procedure costs before service is rendered
  • Improve patient experience by eliminating surprise medical bills
  • Reduce the number of A/R days, statements and bad debt collections
Watch our recent webinar to learn more about MedEvolve Patient Cost Estimator.
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Increase patient engagement and satisfaction with Mobile Appointment Reminders.

MedEvolve Practice Management offers integrated mobile appointment reminders to:

  • Help prevent “no shows”
  • Save money and time over making manual calls
  • Keep your schedule optimized by quickly filling openings from cancelations or reschedules
  • Increase revenue and patient satisfaction!

Additionally, with our waiting room app, patients can check in, make payments and update their demographic information all while they wait — reducing required data-entry by your staff.

Mobile Appointment Reminders help reduce no shows:

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of Patients prefer receiving appointment and payment reminders
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higher response rates from texts versus phone calls
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of patients show up for appointments after receiving a reminder

Engage your patients at the point of service with our Patient Check-in Kiosks.

Our waiting room apps and kiosks deliver an enhanced check-in experience in MedEvolve Practice Management to reduce patient confusion and help you get paid faster and easier. 

  • Achieve greater financial engagement with patients earlier in the healthcare visit lifecycle
  • Increase adoption of eStatements and automatic payments
  • Streamline collection of copays and outstanding balances
  • Improve staff productivity

An improved patient engagement strategy drives patient satisfaction, increases patient payment collections and reduces operational costs.

patient satisfaction

When it comes to collecting patient balances, many physician practices are still sending statements every month and making periodic collections calls.

Statistics show it no longer makes sense to attempt to collect from patients in-house after 30 days. The 10/10/10 rule explains why:

  • Only 10 percent of calls made connect with a human
  • Of those calls, only 10 percent reach the right person
  • And just 10 percent of those people are willing or able to pay

Basically, for every 1,000 calls, you will succeed in securing a past due payment 1 time. This is not an effective use of anyone’s time.

auto dialer

Here’s where MedEvolve’s Patient Account Resolution services with auto-dialing can help.

Our US-based, state-of-the-art call center and AI-driven digital engagement solution leverages analytics to efficiently and effectively resolve patient balances. When your patients leave the office, we follow up to collect the remaining copays, coinsurance, deductibles and other non-covered charges they still owe.

To further increase the chances of connecting with patients, we use multiple contact methods, such as email, text message, mail and phone with an auto-dialer. Analytics helps us identify the best time of day and preferred contact method to reach your patients with greater efficiency.

We focus on delivering an exceptional patient experience, treating each interaction with the utmost respect, empathy and kindness.

Patient account resolution services can save money, drive higher patient satisfaction rates and more:


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Let's discuss how we can improve your patient outreach, reduce no-shows and increase collections on patient balances.