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MedEvolve Named “Top 10 Medical Practice Management Solution Providers 2017”

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Top Medical Practice Management(Little Rock, AR – November 20, 2017) – MedEvolve, Inc., a national provider of practice management (PM), revenue cycle management (RCM) and analytics software and services for physician practices, announced today the company was named one of the Top 10 Medical Practice Management Solution Providers for 2017 by Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine.

This recognition is very timely for MedEvolve as the company has invested a significant amount of time and resources to ensure MedEvolve Practice Management (PM) is best of breed. One of the main focuses of the company’s development efforts has been building in more automation that helps practices run their businesses more efficiently. This new functionality includes features that capture payments and check eligibility in advance, or at the time of service, to prevent claim denials which slow down cash flow.

“When a practice decides to make a change to MedEvolve, they can expect to submit cleaner claims with less human intervention, which saves them time, money and can provide quicker reimbursement,” said Matt Rolfes, Chief Executive Officer of MedEvolve.

One of the biggest advantages of MedEvolve Practice Management is the seamless integration with MedEvolve Practice Analytics. This dynamic software combination helps providers process claims efficiently and automate tasks to streamline financial operations while providing insight into their data without the need for time-consuming report-building or data-mining. With visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) decision makers need to monitor, including the performance of their billing staff and resulting financial outcomes, practices can take immediate action to make improvements. This information gives decision makers deeper understanding of their overall financial and operational performance at their fingertips.

Most physician practices already have a practice management system in place, but some of these systems are outdated. This is partially due to the misconception that having a solution that combines EHR, billing, scheduling and other functionality in one system is the only way to go. Many practices are discovering these all-in-one solutions are lacking important functionality that gets the practice paid efficiently. Now, practices are turning to MedEvolve PM because it integrates with nearly 40 different EHRs, and is designed to get clean claims out the door and provide billing professionals with a dynamic flexible work engine.

Other areas where the company is making strides are consumerism and patient engagement. For the future, MedEvolve will be developing ways to improve patient communications from within the PM, including sending text messages and appointment reminders, managing wait lists and cancellations more effectively, and to do it all through a mobile device.
“We have very good relationships with our clients. We’re in touch with the market that we sell to, and that helps drive our decisions on what to work on next—either in the technology or expanding in our service offerings to stay ahead of the curve,” said Matt Rolfes. “The research and development dollars we invest are solely focused on the protection or generation of cash flow for our clients.”

Is your physician practice looking for a new practice management system? Contact MedEvolve to request a consultation: call (800) 964-5129 or visit our website to learn more.

About MedEvolve 
MedEvolve enables specialty practices to work faster and more accurately through Practice Management (PM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software and services that result in quicker payment processes and improved patient and staff experiences. Additionally, with MedEvolve Practice Analytics, specialty practices gain a new level of insight that helps them identify problem areas and resolve issues quickly to improve financial, operational and clinical performance. Our unique Practice DNA consultative approach ensures our solutions fit with our clients’ existing processes so they begin to see positive results from day one. Visit to learn more.