Strategic Practice Solutions optimizes MedEvolve’s practice management software

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Practice management consultants choose MedEvolve for all their clients

Founded nearly 10 years ago, Strategic Practice Solutions (SPS) provides medical billing consulting and practice management services to specialist medical practices. The company looks at each practice and organization holistically, providing advice that supports a clean, streamlined and profitable workflow.


CEO and President of SPS, Kristin Calloway, wanted to partner with companies that offered solutions she could confidently suggest to meet her clients’ needs. Too often she found that practices employed robust electronic health record (EHR) systems, but attached practice management software as a mere afterthought. Without the right PM tools to manage the accounting, practices struggled to collect bills and maintain a healthy revenue cycle.


Strategic Partner Solutions’ first client was already using MedEvolve, introducing SPS to the partner it would grow to rely on for virtually every client going forward. “It was really divine intervention because MedEvolve turned out to be the system we would end up loving,” Calloway explained.

Here’s how SPS utilizes MedEvolve’s solutions:

Practice management

Of the hundreds of systems the Strategic Partner Solutions team has encountered, MedEvolve continues to be the PM that they prefer and confidently recommend to clients. Calloway especially appreciates how MedEvolve’s tools help her and the Strategic Partner Solutions team see the big picture. “Through reporting, data mining and now analytics – which we love – we’re able to see a lot from 1,000 feet.” Calloway’s goal is to always provide her clients with comprehensive insight and total transparency – even on a moment’s notice. MedEvolve makes that easy, with tools that offer the information she and her clients need in a streamlined, user-friendly fashion. Features like the insurance collector, the ability to
track employees’ work and interactive accounts receivable reporting further set MedEvolve’s PM software apart from that of other providers. Simply put: MedEvolve makes Calloway’s job easier and is her PM software of choice.



Added to the features and tools, MedEvolve’s customer service makes the partnership even more beneficial for Strategic Partner Solutions. “One of the things I really love about MedEvolve is the fact that when we need support, it’s there,” said Calloway. Unlike other PM providers Calloway and her team have been exposed to, MedEvolve’s support team provides Strategic Partner Solutions with answers in a timely manner, without standardized call scripts or endless transfers among overseas employees. Instead, Calloway knows who she’s talking to when she calls on MedEvolve for help.


The result of such a successful partnership is that all Strategic Partner Solutions’ clients use MedEvolve. This is not just because Calloway loves MedEvolve, but because the solutions have been the best choice for every practice Strategic Partner Solutions has worked with to date. MedEvolve’s robust practice management software, data analytics as a service and superior customer service mean Calloway and her team continue to recommend MedEvolve as a valuable facilitator for the revenue cycle management process.

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