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Real-Time RCM Automation & Analytics for Healthcare Executives

Effective Intelligence dashboards to daily monitor & measure revenue cycle & staff performance

Effective Intelligence Suite

Margin is the key to sustainability in healthcare management

Medevolve Effective Intelligence reveals in real time where your margin is being affected in your revenue cycle
Healthcare executives must have real time insights to operate an effective revenue cycle.

To improve margin, you need to know your EiQ

EiQ equals Effective Intelligence Quotient. It tells us where the potential breakdowns are occurring in your revenue cycle. What’s your EiQ? Take the 3 minute quiz to find out.

How do you get Effective Intelligence?

Add Workflow Automation & Real-Time Analytics to Your PM/EMR systems

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Current PM/EMR Systems
+ Workflow Automation
+ Data Warehouse
= Effective Intelligence

We house the data points of your current systems in a data warehouse. Then add Medevolve’s workflow automation & real-time analytics dashboards for full transparency and accountability. Learn more about our workflow automation technology.

Important Metrics for Real-Time Data Driven Decision Making

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Effective Intelligence Resources

Effective Intelligence Suite

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Dashboard Analytics

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How EiQ works
Add Workflow Automation & Real-Time Analytics to Your PM/EMR systems

Download EiQ Workflow

Product Information
Medevolve Effective Intelligence | Product Information

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What's your EiQ?

Margin is the key to success in healthcare. You cannot maximize it without real-time metrics in your revenue cycle. Take the 3 minute quiz to find out your Effective Intelligence Quotient (EiQ).

Recorded Webinar

Matt Seefeld explains the five trends that will drive the adoption of automation, data accessibility, and employee effectiveness in “Manage your revenue cycle with Effective Intelligence in 2022”.

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