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Patient Financial Clearance Automation

Workflow automation technology for front office accountability & transparency of the pre-registration process

Effective Intelligence Suite

Are you doing everything right on the front end to make sure your patients are financially cleared for treatment?

You can prevent most common denials, rejections and write-offs during the scheduling and pre-registration process in advance of the appointment.

Taking a few minutes at the time of scheduling to verify the patient’s information saves hours, if not days, of headaches on the backend once the claim is in billing and collections. Unfortunately, many practices do not have a foolproof and consistent method for financial clearance. 

This is why MedEvolve developed Financial Clearance Workflow Automation to do the work for you: 

  • Verify insurance and co-insurance
  • Confirm insurance benefit coverage
  • Estimate patient liability 
  • Collect projected balance and prior balances (or deposit or CC on file)
  • Validate demographic information
  • Check authorization requirements and secure

Benefits of Financial Clearance

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Automate and streamline front office processes

Get Paid Up Front

You will have less work and cost on the “back-end” of the revenue cycle to collect from both insurance and patients.

Prevent Common Denials

By eliminating errors on the front end, you mitigate the risk of common, avoidable denials (COB, Eligibility, Pre-cert etc.).

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Estimate patient responsibility and have an open conversation about cost before the appointment.


How to Get Started with Revenue Cycle Workflow Automation

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