Medical Billing Workflow Automation

Reduce RCM staffing needs with centralized task management & process transparency

Advanced Real-Time Analytics

Get real-time insights into your revenue cycle that you can’t get from your practice management system like work effort, net collection rate & zero-touch resolution rate.

Central Task Management & Internal Communication

Connect everyone in the revenue cycle including coders & providers. Record every interaction & task throughout the process to create a permanent history of each claim.

Patient Financial Clearance Automation

Hold front office staff accountable and avoid denials related to pre-registration failures. Evaluate team members & process using advanced real-time analytics.

Medical Billing Workflow Automation

Centralize task lists, create transparency and accountability, and speed up back office claims processing. Evaluate team members & process using advanced real-time analytics.

Add Medical Billing Workflow Automation to your current PM/EMR systems

We have successfully integrated our Effective Intelligence Suite with 40+ EHR and PM systems. No need to change technology, just add Workflow Automation to your current system.

Create workflows and user tasks for:
Centralize claims processing & monitor in real time

On a given day, 80 to 90 percent of the active claims in A/R do not even need to be touched, so why are billing representatives wasting time on them? Because there is no visibility into which claims need to be focused on to actually generate revenue.

Add Workflow Automation & Real-Time Analytics to Your PM/EMR systems

With front office Patient Financial Clearance Automation & back office Medical Billing Workflow Automation added to your current PM/EHR systems, you can get real-time analytics on staff effectiveness and a deep understanding of your entire revenue cycle.

According to an MGMA stat poll,


of medical practices will outsource or automate revenue cycle in the next six months.

“The system is like a GPS: 
representatives sit down, log into MedEvolve RCM Workflow, and hit go, and the system leads them.”

Jonathan Parisi, Director of Business Operations and Strategy, Neurosurgeons of New Jersey

Solve your RCM labor problem with automation

Do you have a remote RCM team or are you interested in implementing a work from anywhere culture?

As medical billing team members log in to the workflow automation web-based application and record each “touch” of a claim, what the outcome of that claim task is, and what the next task should be, our workflow interface will record key data points like who completed the task, date, time, outcome, task notes, internal and external message sent, collection success and other data points which will then feed into our real-time analytics that update every few minutes.

Would you like to reward your high-performing billers and train those with potential to improve?

As your revenue cycle team records each unit of work in the Workflow Automation web-based application, you can view their progress with our Advanced Real-Time Analytics, make suggestions, train junior staff, and ultimately reward your billers that get results.

"We want the ‘A’ players to rise to the top. When a high performer sees a low performer getting by, not having their deficiencies acknowledged, it breeds some resentment. Now, we try to coach up. We ask, ‘how can we remove barriers to your performance so you can improve?

Jonathan Parisi, Director of Business Operations and Strategy at Neurosurgeons of New Jersey

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Reduce RCM labor dependency with workflow automation, task management, & real-time analytics to increase margin.

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