MedEvolve Announces Strategic Marketing Relationship with Veradigm to Enhance Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Little Rock, Ark. April 30, 2024 – MedEvolve, a leading provider of effective intelligence technology that provides, automation, transparency and accountability for the healthcare revenue cycle, is pleased to announce a strategic marketing relationship with Veradigm Inc. (OTCMKTS: MDRX), a leading provider of healthcare data and technology solutions. The agreement will make MedEvolve’s Effective Intelligence (Ei) suite of workforce automation and intelligent analytics solutions, available directly to Veradigm clients.

Automation is increasingly paramount as healthcare organizations continue to battle complex challenges in revenue cycle management (RCM), including ongoing staffing issues. One of the few ways provider organizations can prevent their margin from eroding is by automating manual processes to increase zero touch rate – a metric that represents the rate of claims paid with no human intervention – and decrease manual work effort. This requires the ability to measure every touch point in the revenue cycle with the kind of workforce automation, task management and intelligent analytics made available through MedEvolve’s Ei suite.

“We are excited to embark on this new strategic marketing relationship with Veradigm to empower their healthcare clients with our Effective Intelligence workforce automation and analytics software,” said Matt Rolfes, President and CEO of MedEvolve. “By joining forces, we aim to drive significant value for Veradigm’s physician practice clients by providing the added technology they need to measure every touch point in the revenue cycle, reduce waste and create capacity for existing staff to claw back some of their ever-elusive margin.”

MedEvolve’s Ei suite offers modular solutions that can be added on to Veradigm’s Practice Management and EHR software to optimize the entire revenue cycle, or specific functions, including financial clearance, coding and medical billing processes. All modules are supported by powerful analytics for complete transparency into every touchpoint in the revenue cycle.

For more than two decades, MedEvolve has been laser focused on delivering comprehensive RCM solutions that streamline processes, improve efficiency, and optimize financial performance. By joining forces with Veradigm, MedEvolve is poised to drive added efficiency, greater financial stability and significant value for Veradigm’s provider clients nationwide.

About MedEvolve

MedEvolve empowers healthcare organizations with award-winning Effective Intelligence (Ei) solutions. MedEvolve’s Ei solutions include workforce automation and intelligent analytics designed to optimize the entire revenue cycle process from financial clearance to medical billing. These solutions reduce manual work effort and ensure maximum efficiency with complete oversight and reporting on every step. MedEvolve integrates with any PM/EHR system providing unmatched transparency, automation and accountability in the revenue cycle. Additionally, effective intelligence solutions enable a remote workforce with task management, performance tracking and virtual communication tools. Increase margin, improve net collection rate and reduce overhead costs with effective intelligence from MedEvolve.

Review and assess your practice’s financial status in 5 min or less and know exact where you are losing money and why. Measure the work effort of every revenue cycle employee, incentivize and retain your top performers, and help employees that need improvement.

You can prevent most common denials, rejections and write-offs during the scheduling and pre-registration process in advance of the appointment. Configure checkpoints and use central task management to quickly clear patients and keep your front office staffing needs at a minimum.

Aligning the power of the MedEvolve Coding solutions with your internal resources personalizes and trains the autonomous coding model, increasing the speed that auto-codes are generated. The portal workflow also drives operational efficiency, resulting in repeatable and scalable performance.

As team members log in to the web-based application and record each “touch” of a claim,  outcome, and next task, key data points are recorded like who completed the task and when, outcome, task notes, internal / external messages sent, collection success and other data points that feed into our real-time analytics.

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