2024 MGMA Financial Conference

Increase margin & create capacity for RCM staff by measuring every touch, reducing manual work, & eliminating waste

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Revving Up Revenue Cycle with Smart Solutions for a Lean Workforce

April 18, 2024 | 12:30 - 1:30 PM | Sarasota 3

Amidst enduring labor shortages and resource constraints in healthcare, orthopedic organizations are reassessing staffing strategies, prioritizing resource optimization, talent recognition, and performance incentives. Considering challenges like declining reimbursements and rising costs, envision the potential impact on operational margins with just a 10% increase in daily staff effort. Recognizing the necessity of recognition and rewards for staff motivation and retention in today’s competitive climate, forward-thinking groups are leveraging real-time insights into employee performance to implement innovative motivational programs. This presentation will explore how orthopedic organizations can reduce labor dependence and enhance revenue cycle through tools like workforce automation and intelligent analytics, while also demonstrating how healthy competition in daily tasks drives improved productivity and outcomes.


Atlas Healthcare Partners: an ASC management company

Find out how this RCM business implements incentive-based revenue cycle using Effective Intelligence. Read about their experience with MedEvolve.


What Henry Ford teaches us about RCM

Explore the parallels of Ford’s auto-making principles and healthcare revenue cycle management. Discover timeless synergies of operational efficiency, accountability, transparency, technology, and a people-centric perspective.

Achieve results like Atlas with Effective Intelligence technology

Review and assess your practice’s financial status in 5 min or less and know exact where you are losing money and why. Measure the work effort of every revenue cycle employee, incentivize and retain your top performers, and help employees that need improvement.

You can prevent most common denials, rejections and write-offs during the scheduling and pre-registration process in advance of the appointment. Configure checkpoints and use central task management to quickly clear patients and keep your front office staffing needs at a minimum.

Aligning the power of the MedEvolve Coding solutions with your internal resources personalizes and trains the autonomous coding model, increasing the speed that auto-codes are generated. The portal workflow also drives operational efficiency, resulting in repeatable and scalable performance.

As team members log in to the web-based application and record each “touch” of a claim,  outcome, and next task, key data points are recorded like who completed the task and when, outcome, task notes, internal / external messages sent, collection success and other data points that feed into our real-time analytics.

Reduce RCM labor dependency with workflow automation, task management, & real-time analytics to increase margin.

Outsource your medical billing to us with over 20 years of revenue cycle experience incorporating Effective Intelligence in house.

Improve patient collection rates with account resolution services: call center, mobile engagement, payment portal & counseling.

Increase productivity and visibility into front & back office processes while keeping your staff focused.​