2023 MGMA Leaders Conference

Learn how to recognize, reward, & retain your best revenue cycle employees

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Maximize margin in your healthcare organization

Join us at the Music City Convention Center in Nashville, TN this year to learn how Effective Intelligence technology can maximize margin in your healthcare organization.

MGMA Live Session

Recognize, Reward and Retain Top Talent for Improved Margin

October 23, 2023 | 4:00pm CT

Eligible for: ACMPE: 1 | ACHE: 1 | CEU: 1 | CME(AAPC*): 1 | CPE: 1.2 | PDC: 1 | PDU: 1

As staffing challenges continue to prevail, healthcare organizations must view them through a new lens—making the most of existing staff resources and rewarding performance. One key question to ask: if staff gave10% more effort every day, how would that impact operational margin? Like most healthcare organizations, Atlas Healthcare Partners sought solutions to an array of converging issues that include declining reimbursements, increasing costs and staff deficiencies. Organizational leadership devised a strategy to capitalize on labor effectiveness across its 27 ASCs. Realizing that recognition and rewards are critical to retaining the best staff in today’s competitive climate, Atlas implemented an infrastructure built on effective intelligence that would provide real-time insight into employee performance, allowing the organization to creatively implement programs to motivate staff. In this session, participants will learn how Atlas decreased its labor dependence and drove revenue cycle improvements. Speakers will also demonstrate how a healthy dose of competition in daily work can drive improved productivity and outcomes.

Learning Objectives
  • Point out the bottom-line impacts of today’s labor deficiencies and why staffing models built on labor effectiveness will define success going forward
  • Organize an incentive-based revenue cycle
  • Examine solutions to get beyond the data limitations of today’s practice management and EHRs to help identify and reward top performers


Matt Seefeld

EVP & Head of Effective Intelligence, MedEvolve

Heather Richards, MBA

Chief Revenue Optimization Officer, Atlas Healthcare Partners

Effective Intelligence helps you


Objectively measure staff & identify top performers


Incentivize highly-motivated employees


Maximize profit margin with lean, effective staff

your top performing revenue cycle employees


Objectively measure staff & identify top performers


Incentivize highly-motivated employees


Maximize profit margin with lean, effective staff

Your Top Performing Revenue Cycle Employees

What is Effective Intelligence?

Workflow automation and analytics to ensure revenue cycle staff are working effectively and generating the expected revenue to increase profit margin.

Our Effective Intelligence technology has four components designed to manage and measure work effort throughout the entire revenue cycle.

You can prevent most common denials, rejections and write-offs during the scheduling and pre-registration process in advance of the appointment. Configure checkpoints and use central task management to quickly clear patients and keep your front office staffing needs at a minimum.

As medical billing team members log in to the workflow automation web-based application and record each “touch” of a claim, what the outcome of that claim task is, and what the next task should be, our workflow interface will record key data points like who completed the task, date, time, outcome, task notes, internal and external messages sent, collection success and other data points which will then feed into our real-time analytics that update every few minutes. Bonus: It’s cloud-based, so they can work from anywhere and you can hire from anywhere!

Connect everyone in the revenue cycle including coders and providers with central task management & internal communication. Ditch the email! Effective Intelligence can record every interaction and task throughout the process, so you have a permanent record of each claim, the employees that work on it, and how it got paid.

Review and assess your practice’s financial status in 5 min or less and know exact where you are losing money and why. Measure the work effort of every revenue cycle employee, incentivize and retain your top performers, and help employees that need improvement.

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Reduce RCM labor dependency with workflow automation, task management, & real-time analytics to increase margin.

Outsource your medical billing to us with over 20 years of revenue cycle experience incorporating Effective Intelligence in house.

Improve patient collection rates with account resolution services: call center, mobile engagement, payment portal & counseling.

Increase productivity and visibility into front & back office processes while keeping your staff focused.​