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Make the most out of limited staff & optimize bottom line with Effective Intelligence

Optimize Margin with Limited RCM Staff | MedEvolve Effective Intelligence

Matt Seefeld is Executive Vice President at MedEvolve and Will Mowe is Executive Director of Rebound Orthopedics and Neurosurgery. Today, Rebound is achieving better bottom-line performance with fewer FTEs. Zero touch claims that require no human intervention now account for 62% of total, and a closed balance net collection rate above benchmark at 98%.


How to Get Started with Revenue Cycle Workflow Automation

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Medevolve Effective Intelligence | Product Information

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Margin is the key to success in healthcare. You cannot maximize it without real-time metrics in your revenue cycle. Take the 3 minute quiz to find out your Effective Intelligence Quotient (EiQ).

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Matt Seefeld explains the five trends that will drive the adoption of automation, data accessibility, and employee effectiveness in “Manage your revenue cycle with Effective Intelligence in 2022”.

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Add Workflow Automation & Real-Time Analytics to Your PM/EMR systems

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