Written by our in-house revenue cycle experts, the articles below have been published by various publications and represent 24+ years of expertise.

Effective Intelligence is all about reducing your dependence on labor in the revenue cycle while ensuring the medical billing and front office staff you do need are working effectively and generating the expected revenue to increase your margin with the least amount of work effort. MedEvolve is an effective intelligence company.

Beckers ASC: Leveraging analytics to boost practice performance

Beckers ASC: Leveraging analytics to boost practice performance at your ASC

Predictive analytics represent the future of medicine for ASCs and other all healthcare organizations, and not just in the clinical sense. Insights gleaned from day-to-day encounters and transactions can also strengthen revenue-cycle management (RCM) by driving informed decision-making. Data can influence decisions such as whether to renew payer contracts, outsource certain billing functions to a third party or offer flexible patient payment and financing plans.

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Reduce RCM labor dependency with workflow automation, task management, & real-time analytics to increase margin.

Outsource your medical billing to us with over 20 years of revenue cycle experience incorporating Effective Intelligence in house.

Improve patient collection rates with account resolution services: call center, mobile engagement, payment portal & counseling.

Increase productivity and visibility into front & back office processes while keeping your staff focused.​