Written by our in-house revenue cycle experts, the articles below have been published by various publications and represent 24+ years of expertise.

Effective Intelligence is all about reducing your dependence on labor in the revenue cycle while ensuring the medical billing and front office staff you do need are working effectively and generating the expected revenue to increase your margin with the least amount of work effort. MedEvolve is an effective intelligence company.

Beckers ASC Article: Specialty practice centralized RCM processes

How a 70-physician specialty practice centralized RCM processes — 5 insights

As a result of our data and the relationship with our RCM vendor, MedEvolve, we have been able to improve functionality and process from the front desk to the back and everything in between. Having actionable data drives our training — it helps us examine why denials are happening and what processes need to be looked at. Data at all levels is really unearthing challenges that we would never have been able to find on our own because of the volume of information. If you don’t have a way to mine information and use it effectively, it’s useless.

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