Gamify your revenue cycle

Strategies to identify and motivate your most effective staff and recoup lost margin

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Staffing shortages, inflation and profit margin—it’s what keeps financial leaders in today’s healthcare organizations up at night. These converging challenges are wreaking havoc on bottom-line performance and at time when financial health is particularly vulnerable. Forward-thinking executives recognize that attracting and retaining the best talent in a competitive hiring landscape requires embracing new workforce models as workers increasingly demand better work-life balance. Often, this means managing and motivating employees that are remote and spread out across geographies—an approach that brings unique opportunities and challenges when it comes to meeting performance metrics goals.

This presentation will explore how strategies that invoke positive encouragement and competition can deliver big ROI on both the financial performance and employee satisfaction fronts, including:

In revenue cycle management, having visibility into staff performance and effectiveness can enable leaders to incentivize top performers leading to increased collections and improved financial margins.

By turning mundane revenue cycle processes into a game-like experience, hospitals and health systems can drive better engagement with staff, which, in turn results in better overall performance.

While each of these techniques is a proven method of motivating staff, financial leaders must have the right data at their fingertips to measure performance. Attendees will learn how executives can achieve visibility into the daily work effort of all staff and how workforce automation can provide the guidance needed to ensure daily activity delivers the greatest value.

Webinar on Demand

About the Speakers

Matt Seefeld, EVP and Head of Effective Intelligence, MedEvolve

Matt Seefeld has more than 20 years of management consulting experience in the healthcare industry. He has extensive expertise in the assessment, design, and deployment of process improvement programs and technology development across the entire revenue cycle.

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Kristin Callaway-Kelly, President & CEO, Strategic Practice Solutions

Kristin has been involved in physician billing, revenue cycle management (RCM), medical practice management consulting and insurance claims since 1998. She started Strategic Practice Solutions in 2010 after working with physician practices and facilities where she found billing and collections processes were lacking in efficiency and effectiveness. Kristin has many years of hand-on experience with staff development and RCM workflows process improvement. 

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