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Streamline Your Entire Revenue Cycle with Workflow Automation

Take the guesswork out of financial clearance and claims processing.
Improve productivity and accountability.

Did you know of active claims require no immediate follow-up?

Why are billing representatives wasting time on them?

The answer is there is no visibility into which claims need to be focused on to generate revenue.

A practice’s ability to sustain itself financially is tied to the quality of its revenue cycle management (RCM) team, especially accounts receivable (A/R) management. RCM Workflow Automation uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to assign claims to billing staff that will have the most return.

With Workflow Automation You Can:

  • Monitor the status of every claim in accounts receivable (A/R) in real-time 
  • Understand which claims have been processed and which ones have not 
  • Know who each claim is assigned to in the billing office 
  • View staff productivity and optimize workflows from any location with an internet connection
  • Gain full visibility into individual employee and department performance

Managing the revenue cycle continues to grow more complex, so it’s not surprising that even the most efficient administrative staff struggle to understand which claims need to be worked and when.

“The system is like a GPS: 
representatives sit down, log into MedEvolve RCM Workflow, and hit go, and the system leads them.”

Jonathan Parisi
Director of Business Operations and Strategy, Neurosurgeons of New Jersey

“We’ve already seen an 15% reduction in A/R and we anticipate additional long-term improvements as the machine learning algorithms continue to identify new opportunities.”

Jonathan Parisi

Director of Business Operations and Strategy, 
Neurosurgeons of New Jersey

Protect Your AR

  • Carve out the claims that don’t require intervention “today”
  • Design frontend denial worklists (COB/Eligibility, Auth, Registration etc.)
  • Prioritize denied claims
  • Focus on timely and appeal filing statutes
  • Track all productivity and claim status on the AR
  • Have complete accounting of all outstanding claims
  • Use Analytics to provide feedback to the sites and business office on areas of process improvement
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Easily find the answers to questions like:

  • How are my staff doing today?
  • Am I sure all claims are on a worklist and assigned to a collector?
  • What is the value of the AR my staff is working and are they prioritizing correctly?
  • What is the cash opportunity?
  • What is the Status of my AR?
  • How are my staff performing?
  • When are my collectors working?
  • How effective are my collectors?


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