2023 AAOE Conference

Learn how to recognize, reward, & retain your best revenue cycle employees

Maximize margin in your orthopedic practice

Join us in Orlando, FL this year to learn how Effective Intelligence technology can maximize margin in your orthopedic practice.


Objectively measure staff & identify top performers


Incentivize highly-motivated employees


Maximize profit margin with lean, effective staff

2023 AAOE Live Session

Embracing a Better RCM Model—and Bottom Line—with Effective Intelligence

April 22, 2023 | 8:30am

This presentation will explore how Rebound Orthopedics laid the needed foundation for realizing better bottom-line performance with fewer FTEs. Executive director Will Mowe, along with MedEvolve’s Matt Seefeld, will demonstrate how smart technology investments are delivering exceptional results—zero touch claims that require no human intervention now account for 62.2% of total, and the practices overall closed balance NCR is 98%, above the industry benchmark of 97%. Participants will learn how the right combination of tools can support remote workforces, provide the needed transparency into day-to-day activity, and optimize workflows around activity that produces the greatest ROI. In addition, presenters will show how financial clearance and digital payment strategies ensure greater success in capturing patient responsible balances.


Matt Seefeld

EVP & Head of Effective Intelligence, MedEvolve

Will Mowe

Executive Director, Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery

What is Effective Intelligence?

Workflow automation and analytics to ensure revenue cycle staff are working effectively and generating the expected revenue to increase profit margin.

Reduce RCM labor dependency with workflow automation, task management, & real-time analytics to increase margin.

Outsource your medical billing to us with over 20 years of revenue cycle experience incorporating Effective Intelligence in house.

Improve patient collection rates with account resolution services: call center, mobile engagement, payment portal & counseling.

Increase productivity and visibility into front & back office processes while keeping your staff focused.​

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