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MedEvolve Practice Management Software

Is it time to upgrade your practice management system?

Your practice management software should offer automated processes and integrated analytics to improve office efficiency and reimbursement rates.

Physician practices rely on practice management (PM) systems to run a successful business and streamline day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, many software vendors have neglected their PM systems to focus on other technology, like EHRs, leaving practices with outdated scheduling, billing and financial technology.

Not so with MedEvolve. MedEvolve Practice Management is our flagship software solution, and we are constantly making improvements based on client feedback and industry changes.

Physician practices need to reevaluate their PM systems and decide if it’s time to replace or upgrade their software.


MedEvolve Practice Management Software Integrates with Any EHR

We believe physician practices should be able to choose the best EHR for their clinicians, and the best practice management software for their administrative staff. This is why MedEvolve Practice Management (PM) software integrates with over 40 different EHR systems.

MedEvolve Practice Management software focuses on three key areas:

Optimize scheduling and streamline front-office workflow processes

MedEvolve PM allows front desk staff to easily make appointment changes, handle scheduling complications and quickly resolve physician delays. With an automated waitlist, practices can quickly fill empty appointment slots, even after last-minute cancellations.

Easily gather patient information prior to appointments: Update demographic information, check eligibility, estimate the patient responsibility and collect payments at the time of scheduling for quick and seamless patient interactions.

We make it simple to settle invoices at the front desk and schedule easy payment plans for future bills with a secure credit card on file.

Front office capabilities include:

  • Scheduling and resource optimization
  • Patient registration and appointment setting
  • Real-time or advance eligibility checks
  • Patient payment and collections
  • Patient cost estimator

Simplify complex billing processes

MedEvolve’s intuitive solution reduces write-offs, denials and reimbursement delays. To assist with patient account resolution, we use an auto-dialer to make collections easier once the patient leaves your office.

  • Comprehensive billing process management
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Denial management
  • Patient payment and collections
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Statements – printed or electronic

MedEvolve PM has automated features that help improve billing and collections and relieve the burden of manual tasks to get bills paid with as little human intervention as possible. For more robust workflow automation, we also offer our AI-driven MedEvolve RCM Workflow Automation integration.

Data Transparency and Analytics

Today’s PM systems are essentially data warehouses. MedEvolve Practice Management has built-in analytics, so you will have a complete view of your practice’s financial and operational performance. You will have access to reports and our Revenue Cycle Analytics solutions, Power Analytics and RCM Scorecard, which provide total transparency into the health of your revenue cycle. We make it easy to monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you care about most along with benchmarks so you can compare against similar practice. We help you identify areas for process improvement, cash opportunity, negative patterns or trends and prevent them from recurring to streamline your financial operations.

Increase patient engagement and satisfaction

MedEvolve PM offers integrated mobile appointment reminders to:

  • Help prevent “no shows”
  • Save money and time over making manual calls
  • Keep your schedule optimized by quickly filling openings from cancelations or reschedules
  • Increase revenue and patient satisfaction!

75% – of patients prefer receiving appointment and payment reminders
209% – higher response rates from texts versus phone calls
95.6% – of patients show up for appointments after receiving a reminder

Additionally, with our waiting room app, patients can check in, make payments and update their demographic information all while they wait — reducing required data-entry by your staff.


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