Center for Urologic Care embraces workflow automation & real time analytics for data-driven decision making

Telling the owners we have to change almost everything in the business was scary for them. The confidence came when we had the reports, we had the analytics, we're making data driven decisions, and we have a path forward. I couldn't imagine doing it without this type of platform.

My name is Harry Buchman, Chief Operating Officer at Center for Urologic Care Burks County, Pennsylvania. I’ve been here for a little over a year and previous to this, I spent the last 18 years of my healthcare leadership career in hospital administration. All of the systems and processes that you use in big health systems do not exist in smaller private practices. I often say that we’re drowning in data, but struggling for those insights. Having this ability with dashboard insights and not just the data, helps to chart our course as an organization. 

What are the benefits of MedEvolve Workflow Automation?

Through this process, we’ve been able to grow. We’ve hired new physicians and nurse practitioners. We’re busier than we’ve ever been. Even in spite of the pandemic, telemedicine allows us to reach patients in a variety of different methods. With this workflow tool and make sure that we’re still getting the revenue the way that we’re supposed to get it, enables us to make all kinds of efficiency changes. I think patients now also appreciate that we’re getting the right amount billed upfront. We’re also getting reimbursed quickly.

So we’ve heard nothing but good things from patients, and you tend not to hear good things from patients when it comes to billing. We’ve had a lot of patients we’ve been with for about 30 years or so, and just hearing those good things makes you feel that you’ve done the right thing. Also, it’s nice to hear from your internal people that their work day is easy. They feel like they know where they stand at all times versus looking through their task lists or their sticky notes or their folder that they had on their desk. They have an automated tool that serves up to them exactly what they need to touch versus scrolling through all the claims that are still in process. So this has even helped from a work satisfaction standpoint from the employees. 

How have real-time analytics changed the conversations with your providers?

It’s interesting going to the board meetings. The doctors and partners look forward to the insights that we talk about. We have structure around the data. Instead of having a piece of paper and doing some math, I can show them what the business is doing in detail. That level of insight gives them the confidence that they’re making the right investments and the right decisions. Those types of discussions really started with us getting a handle on A/R, and we wouldn’t have been able to get there if it hadn’t been for the workflow tool and partnership with Medevolve.

How have data insights impacted your business strategy?

I think what a lot of physicians get comfortable doing the same thing for many years. They don’t realize that if you’re not willing to pivot and change according to data and trends, you’re going be extinct, or you’re going wind up like a lot of doctors begrudgingly becoming employed. Many of them try to take a business class or get an MBA, care for patients and run the business. It doesn’t work very well. This was the springboard for which we were able to really help the organization that had been successful for over 30 years pivot.

But telling them we have to change almost everything in the business was scary for them. The confidence came when we had the reports, we had the analytics, we’re making data driven decisions, and we have a path forward. I couldn’t imagine doing it without this type of platform and to create it in house I would have had to hire five or six people and pull together a bunch of different solutions to try to get us anywhere close to what we have today.

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