South County Urological improves patient financial clearance outcomes with RCM automation

What are the benefits of Medevolve's patient financial clearance workflow automation?

My name is Teresa Hammock, and I am the office manager at South County Urological in St. Louis, Missouri.

Since having Medevolve’s workflow automation in place, we’ve completely changed the way that we receive patients. We do everything two to three days prior to the patient coming into the office. We are able to log into the financial clearance portal and at a glance, we can see who’s been cleared, who hasn’t, and why. So when our patient arrives at our office, everything’s been done: copays have been collected, previous balances have been collected, and insurance has been verified. Everything is ready to go so when the patient is here, we can focus on that patient’s care and not have the delays at the front desk for missing information or updating information. There are no unforeseen issues that we’re dealing with at the last minute. It’s helped to reduce denials, increase front end patient revenue collections, and has helped tremendously with the efficiency of our office.

How was the implementation and adoption of the new technology received?

My staff was very excited to learn about this portal. They struggled through the manual process. It was hard to know where they left it from the day before and what needed to be done the next day. It was just very tedious. So after we did our training, they were just so excited to get started using the program. It enabled them to be more successful and it enabled me to choose the right person for the right job. We see the benefits every day. The staff is happy and I’m happy. I can see what they’re doing, what’s been done, and what hasn’t been done. It’s really simplified our lives.

Medevolve Workflow Automation enabled my front office staff to be more successful and it enabled me to choose the right person for the right job. The staff is happy and I'm happy. It's really simplified our lives.

How did workflow automation help with workforce virtualization?

We really learned how valuable the system was when we were forced to stay home for a while due to COVID, but we really didn’t miss a beat. We were able to continue with our daily financial clearance processes, even though we weren’t in the office. It was a little bit different initially working from home, but the processes went on and patients were cleared. It was very seamless and easy for me to monitor that these things were done and taken care of. That was one aspect that I really didn’t have to worry about with everything changing on a daily basis during the height of the crisis. In the very beginning when things were changing very rapidly, I had this solid platform to fall back on. So for us, it definitely opens up the possibility of having people work from home, but also takes out that dread when you have people calling in due to illness, emergencies or vacations. It just made it a lot easier for everyone to collectively manage the work load.

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