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Incentive-based revenue cycle: retaining top talent in the "new workforce"

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Most healthcare organizations continue to have staffing challenges in their RCM departments. While some have opted for blanket raises to keep staff, a compensation model that allows executives to objectively identify, reward and incentivize top performers is ideal.

As “the Great Resignation” or “the Great Rethink” continues and the up-and-coming Gen Z enters the workforce, healthcare organizations need to reimagine how they manage their staff. Work from home options are becoming the norm and there is a growing desire for creative benefits, instant gratification and recognition for a “job well done.”

Imagine a world where…

  • Every employee is highly incentivized and highly motivated
  • You can measure top performers objectively not subjectively
  • You have a lean effective organization with maximum profit margin

This is all possible with the right data points that deliver effective intelligence to track and measure the work effort of every team member. This strategy can apply to billing staff as well as front office financial clearance and patient financial engagement teams. Sign up to watch the webinar!

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Matt Seefeld, EVP and Head of Effective Intelligence, MedEvolve

Matt Seefeld has more than 20 years of management consulting experience in the healthcare industry. He has extensive expertise in the assessment, design, and deployment of process improvement programs and technology development across the entire revenue cycle.

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